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Mars en Wythdijk
Graafs Kazematten Museum
p/a St.Elisabethstraat 10 A (De Hampoort)
5361 HK Grave

Graafs KazemattenMuseum
Mars en Wythdijk (no homenumber)
(no zipcode) Grave

Opening hours Graafs KazemattenMuseum:

From april to oktober the GKM is open
on saterday and sunday from 13.00 till 17.00 o'clock.
(The GKM will stay closed in bad weather)

Outside general opening the GKM can be visited on appointment.
To make an appointment call: 0486-475924 (mr. T. van Wamel) or E-mail:
Individuals Groups of 7 and more
18y and over 1 euro p.p. 1 euro p.p.
Up to 17y Free Free
Admission prices kazematten:
For a tourguide we charge € 20,-- extra.

For sponsors and "Friends of the GKM" the addmission to the GKM and the museum in the "Hampoort" is free.
Visitors of the GKM who are part of a VVV-tour the addmission is predetermined with the VVV Grave.

Visiting the GKM will be at your own risk.

Kids up to 12y are only allowed under parental guidance.

Dogs are not allowed in the museum without authorization pre to your visit.