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Graafs Kazematten Museum
p/a St.Elisabethstraat 10 A (De Hampoort)
5361 HK Grave
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The Casemate Museum of Grave is an initiative of stichting
Graeft Voort (Grave’s historical foundation). The museum
portrayts what the second World War was like in Grave and its
Casemate North houses the
exhibition on the mobilization, the
May days of 1940 and the occupation
of Grave. On the first floor, visitors can see what the situation was like in Grave on 10th May 1940, when the Germans invaded.
In the rooms on the ground floor, the mobilization and occupation are illustrated.
Bridge Casemate Grave North
Bridge Casemate Grave South
Casemate South focuses on the
liberation of Grave on 17th September
1944. On that day hundreds of parachutists from the 504th
regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division landed in the region to
liberate Grave and its surroundings.

The Museum
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